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My name is Maria Marsala and I’m excited to be giving you a free copy of our new 2-part video training today ($197 value).  This video training is designed to help you go from "I think what's missing is that I need a niche" to "so this is how and why I want to create a niche and ideal client profile.

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Why should an individual seeking a financial advisor contact YOU?  Why should your clients risk their reputation and REFER you?  What makes you STAND OUT?  If you answered, "Great customer service!" or "Experience!" your voice evaporated in a crowd of thousands. Wouldn't you like to be SOUGHT OUT by prospects instead of constantly chasing them?

If prospects aren't finding YOU, you are missing your niche.  In this program, you’ll learn how to differentiate yourself so that you become the OBVIOUS CHOICE for clients.  You’ll discover practical strategies for developing a niche that single you out as the "go-to" expert. Enjoy the benefits of HITTING YOUR NICHE.

Here’s what you’re going to discover during these video trainings:

PART 1 – Become the obvious choice for new clients

  • Common mistakes financial advisors make around niching
  • 3 specific steps to help you identify the best niche for you and your firm
  • The 4 four niches you don't want to choose (and why)

PART 2 – Work with clients you enjoy the most

  • The vast difference between niches and ideal clients
  • How niching helps you stand out from your competition
  •  6 steps to create an ideal client profile that brings you AAA clients and a more profitable firm


This training is for you if...

  • You're not helping as many people was you want it to?
  • You struggle with feeling out of integrity because you hate using manipulative internet marketing or high-pressure sales techniques?
  •  You're tired of “outdated” marketing advice that does not align with your enlightened view of what it means to be a advisor.
  • You're spending way too much time at the office and don't have enough free and fun time.

There is nothing for sale on this video. It's 100% pure content designed to help you build and grow your advising business with laser focused effectiveness and productivity!  (However, if Maria mentioned other templates, other then the one we're giving away for free on this page, those documents are no longer available.)

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